Evan De VildeEvan De Vilde was born in 1973 and is the creator of Archeo-realism, avant-garde movement whose poetics is based on the aesthetic-linguistic contrasts of archaeological objects, such as authentic finds installed in modern compositions of contemporary art. The works of Archeo-realism are objects of archaeological art redesigned according to avant-garde schemes that go beyond mere museography or museology. The artist is currently in charge of drafting a text on the soft impressionism of Thorwald Alef (sponsored by the Embassy of Sweden). Draftsman and advertising graphic designer, he also dedicates himself to the creation of logos and jewelry design, starting from ancient archaeological artifacts and interior design in an archeo-realistic key. Curator of art, as well as director of an advertising and graphic agency, he has exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Fonte Nuova in Rome, at Palazzo Gravina in Naples, at the Sala Orsini Formello museum in Rome, at the Loewen Palace in Berlin. He participated with three works at the Florence Biennale in 2010. Invited in December 2011 at the Venice Biennale with three works exhibited at the Palazzo Nervi in Turin, in June 2011 he organized a major artistic exhibition, the "Grande Napoli Arte", at the Maschio Angioino. The Orler family wanted him in the review of the artists presented on TV. Writer and poet, he is planning a treatise on archaeo-realism, a work that goes beyond the printed paper, all in a Zen key. Several of his works and catalogs can be found in the bookshops. He is present in several Italian galleries, including Baccaro (SA) and Pedana (NA) ArtGap in Rome. In 2012, at the Central State Archives of Rome, under the patronage of MIBACT, he held the exhibition "La Grande Illusione". In September 2013 he organized a large anthological exhibition at the Museo Borbonico di Scafati (SA) and in 2016 he exhibited at the Castel dell'Ovo in Naples with the solo exhibition entitled "Scriptura", an occasion in which he presented to the public the mathematical model that allowed to obtain the "Rosso De Vilde". After a long research on the pigments, nuances, and incidences of light on the red-floored Pompeian wall paintings, the author identifies a basic color of the entire color system, a unique code of Pompeian red, which is renamed "Rosso De Vilde ". Regarding the "Rosso De Vilde", a conference was held in 2016 at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. At present De Vilde continues his artistic research in the field of Archeo-realism through the realization of works and seminars in Italy and in Europe.