II Biennale Internazionale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea "Città di Lecce" (Lecce)
May 2012 - Evan attends the second edition of the Biennale di Lecce with the work "Lessons of Buddhism."

Il sapere creativo – Domus Turca Art Gallery (Ferrara)
April 2012 – The artist presents four works (Orizzonti, Passione, I Colori dell'Anima, Cassiopea) in this group exhibition curated by the Cultural Association PROART.

Abstract Dimensions - Crisolart Galleries (Barcelona)
March, April 2012 - Evan participates to this collective gathering ideas, visions and views developed by eclectic international artists' researches.

Life in Art - Spazio Venexiart (Naples)
January 2012 - The artist participates with his work "Cielo Rosso" to this event where artistic painting, sculpture, jewelry, photography, digital art and interior design are part of the path in a city in constant evolution.

54° Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice - Italy Pavilion (Turin)
December 2011, February 2012 - The artist was invited to exhibit his works at the "Italy Pavilion" of Turin, climax stage of the 54th Venice Biennale's regional circuit.

Biennale of Florence (Florence)
December 2011 - Evan De Vilde is invited to participate at the Florence Biennale with three representative works of Archaeorealism.

Museo Palazzo Orsini a Formello (Roma)
During October 2011 Evan De Vilde displays at Palazzo Orsini, Palazzo Chigi museum at Formello, a three-work exhibit of pristine archaeorealism.

Museo Palazzo Orsini in Formello (Rome)
October 2011 - Evan De Vilde displays at Palazzo Orsini, the museum of Palazzo Chigi in Formello. An exhibition of three works by first archaeorealism.

Exhibition on MSC Cruises ship Sinfonia
October 2011 - From 7th to 14th on the magnificent ship of the MSC Sinfonia, after a cultural agreement between Daphne Museum and the MSC, Evan De Vilde has exposed some of his works of art among the stages of the Mediterranean. On Deck 6, in an elegant frame, the works of archaeorealism were also presented at a closing conference of the work in the prestigious location of the conference room, on the waters of our sea.

Löwen Palais (Berlin)
September 2011 - Archaeorealism exhibit at the magnificent Löwen Palais in Berlin, where two unpublished works were displayed: "Cassiopea" and "Decem". Evan De Vilde expresses a symbolic synthesis of formal archaeorealism.

Palazzo Gravina (Naples)
March 2011 - "The Art of Memory, the memory of art." The exhibition of contemporary art by Evan De Vilde was inaugurated on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 (ended March 31, 2011). Palazzo Gravina is the home of Naples' Faculty of Architecture. Catalogue on request or in the library.

Fonte Nuova (Rome)
November 2010 - The works of the exhibition of contemporary art has been displayed at Fonte Nuova Museum of Contemporary Art (Rome). The Museum has inaugurated exhibition areas entirely for an Evan De Vilde's personal contemporary art exhibit, whose assemblies inquire on poetic relationships between ancient works and modern materials. The catalogue for this "personal art exhibit" is available in bookstores.